Boho Vibes!

Hello Friends,

Welcome Spring! your finally here, Living here in Florida you technically never left. I still welcome you with open arms :)  Since the weather has been so gorgeous lately, I have been really gravitating toward airy light pieces. I’m such a big fan of having diversity in my closet. So I totally have been channeling a Boho vibe lately. For this spring I’m planning to keep my pieces fresh, fun, and a little out of the box. So getting dressed the other day I totally looked like I was on my way to Coachella, which made me chuckle. It’s on my bucket list so why not! a girl can dream in style of course.


What’s your spring Style this year?

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L… Is For The Way You Look At Me!

Hello friends,

I hope everyone’s Valentines Day was filled with love. The hubby and I had a very simple Valentines day this year and I wouldn’t have asked for more. The night had an extra chill in the air, so it was just fitting to stay cozy and made the evening even more magical.

Love, chicki












Black Entity

Hello Friends,

Have you ever noticed that owning pieces of clothing in the color black, makes your wardrobe feel chic? Even sexy depending on the item? Why is that? could it be because black is the universal color that matches with everything? or could it be just a safe color we all run too? Whatever the answer is, it’s a color that fits in everyone’s closet flawlessly regardless of gender. One of my all time fave looks to put together is an all black ensemble. I always feel so poised and confident. Even though putting on the same color may sound easy, it can be tricky. The trick with an all black outfit is making sure you don’t get washed out, Or even lost. So I always like to have a nice pattern or fun fabric that can be seen. Since I was off the other day (finally) I hit the town, I ran errands  AKA Shopping :). And I enjoyed this beautiful weather we’ve been having. All in all it was a successful day and I have the outfit to prove it.

How do you wear all black? Leave a comment below

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Love Me Because I’m Beautiful!

Hello Friends,

There is something so sleek and chic about a leather jacket! Knowing that they can be worn dressed up or down, every girl has that go-to look when they slip on that jacket that gets them out the door feeling confident and cute. My go-to leather look is usually a t-shirt and jeans, and preferably flats (since the weather was a bit cooler this past weekend). I had to bundle up a little, I traded my flats for boots :).  Staying with a Gray and Black color palette I felt comfy and stylish. The great part about my look is that it transitioned into the evening flawlessly as I went on a double date with my hubby and friends.

What’s your favorite way to wear a leather jacket? Leave a comment below

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Get That Gorgeous Summer Glow this Winter!

Hello Friends,

HAPPY NEW YEAR! yes I know we are 8 days in :) lets just say Chicki has still been enjoying the festivities.I’m not into making “life resolutions” but I’m making some for the blog this year. One of them is to post more, knowing content is king in the blogging world,I’m taking 2015 on and stronger than before. Another resolution is I want to experiment more with makeup. As you all know I’m not good at it but I do educate myself on the hottest looks every season, so I can bring you the latest. 

So today while I was doing some morning reading I came across a good article. I want to share this with you because it’s chilly out there for some of you. And that doesn’t mean your skin has to stay pasty white!

Ready to get that summer glow? read below

Love, chicki


Getting That Gorgeous Summer Glow in Winter

There’s no debating that skin looks best in the summer. Between the extra sun and more humid air you can have glowing, radiant skin without a lot of effort. The winter is another story. Gone is warmer skin, replaced by a dull, pale, and dry complexion. But don’t worry, there are ways to fake summer’s dewy look with makeup. We asked top makeup artists Nick Barose and Lisa Aharon share their secrets.

Add extra moisture. One of the biggest winter skin issues is dry skin, which can make your complexion look lifeless. Swap your regular moisturizer for a richer formula. And don’t forget to moisturize both day and night.

Try a slightly darker foundation. On medium skin tonesBarose’s trick is to let tinted moisturizer add both a glowy finish and a little color. He applies tinted moisturizer one shade darker than skin’s natural shade for added warmth. His favorite formula? Jouer Luminizing Moisture Tint

Avoid face powder: “In general, stick with liquid forms like tinted moisturizer or liquid foundation and avoid anything too thick or powdery,” explains Barose. Those formulas will add moisture to dry skin and leave a dewy finish. “To control shine but keep the glow, try Tatcha Blotting Sheets.

Reach for the Illuminator. A key part of Aharon’s winter beauty arsenal is illuminator. “Illuminator gives a bit more life to skin,” she says. Aharon advises against illuminating foundations, which can be too much. Instead, she suggests adding a few drops of an illuminating fluid like Armani’s Fluid Sheer to standard foundation. For fair skin, she reaches for the cooler shades like pearl and white, for darker skin she chooses the gold and bronze versions. Barose is a fan of Tom Ford Skin Illuminator, blending few drops over your blush for a candlelit glow.

Don’t go too dark on the bronzer. Reaching for your summer bronzer in the winter won’t work. The color will contrast too harshly with paler winter skin. For fair complexions, Barose opts for a sheer BB or CC cream. “Armani Luminessence CC cream gives skin a healthy, peachy glow that look natural,” he says. For winter bronzer, he suggests going with a very soft, warm shade without red undertones. “It should look more taupe-y, one that won’t make you look too tan but rather just warm up skin. I love Orlane Bronzing Pressed Powder.”

Try a liquid bronzer. For added warmth that looks more natural than powder versions, Aharon loves sheer liquid bronzers like Soleil Tan de Chanel . “It works with all skin tones to just give skin added boost and warmth.”

Winter Green

Hello Friends,

Lately I have been gravitating toward Hunter Green, though I always have been a big fan of earth tones. There is something so rich and deep about that color that just fascinates me. It’s such a great complimentary color that truly pairs well with just about anything. I noticed that it also looks so beautiful on my skin tone, and dark hair.  Also it pairs well with gold accents (jewelry, ..etc), which is another plus because that’s all I wear.

The inspiration that I was going for my outfit was a relaxed safari chic, I love a good light weight button shirt, Every girl should own one! and a pair of comfy Chukka’s. If you don’t know what that is it’s just the style of shoe I’m wearing.


I wanted to keep the earthy color palette onto my makeup as well. I was given a really beautiful mocha color lipstick by a good friend of mine. I never used it because I was nervous about the color, but I’m glad I tried it, it just tied my whole look together.  Happy first day of Winter Everyone!


What’s your favorite Earth tone color? Leave a comment below

Love, Chicki