Trendage Review!

Hello Friends,

I have such an exciting post to share with you today! I got the great opportunity to work with this company called Trendage.

Trendage is a brand new fashion website & app. With Trendage, you build beautiful looks using products from top retailers. Easily mix & match between different brands to express & build your style. Every clothing product in every look you create is available for purchase from the shops you love most.


What an amazing concept, right? When they asked me to work with them of course I said yes. Let me tell you why I’m so excited about this app: When I was a little girl I used to play with paper dolls. I would cut out models from magazines, and would even go as far as cutting out different clothes, to tape them on top of the model, to create different looks.  I’ve always had a fashionable imagination!

I feel like this app was made for me! I often find myself online extensively searching for apps or websites that can help me put looks together. I like that this feels like the grown-up version of paper dolls and it gives me a nostalgic feeling reliving those times.

The good thing about this app is that its free.  Setting up my account was as easy as creating a user name and a password. Once inside the app, it was very easy to navigate.  The main menu contains 5 sections, which are: Vote (Which gives you the option to vote on your favorite look), Want (Based on the looks you like and create), Create A Look (This is the main reason for the app, this is where the fun begins). There you can virtually dress your model in anything that you want, they have selections from shirts, pants, dresses, jewelry, bags and even shoes, the possibilities are endless with this section. When you’re satisfied with the look you can save it and it’ll be saved on your profile. The last two sections are: Profile, and Settings.

I’ve been playing around with this app for a couple of weeks now and I did spot some differences, from the experience using the website. The main one is that the app is still sometimes slow, which, it’s not a deal breaker, and I’m sure that with future updates it’ll be taken care of.  Another thing that I’ve noticed is that the website gives you the option to purchase the piece of clothing, So does the app but it is a little tricky to find. You have to look Under Vote or My Profile sections, if you click the 3 dots next to a look, it will bring up another panel that shows the retailer name, price and a buy button. Clicking the buy button will take you to the retailer’s website.

One thing that I’ve noticed is that you don’t get the option to layer. On the website or the app For example, I wanted to try a look of a jacket on top of a dress, and unfortunately at this moment it either chooses the dress or the jacket. Another example is putting boots on top of jeans, it will always put the boots under the jeans. Still, not a deal breaker, just observations :)

This app has given me countless hours of entertainment. I thoroughly enjoy using this app, I love the high quality of images used (I like that I can see all the details in the clothing). Everything in this app is very fashion forward and all the clothing is on trend. Gosh! I wish I was the model being dressed in the app! :)

Below you will find some pictures of the app in action.  I want to give a big thank you to Trendage for giving me this opportunity! Make sure you download the app and visit their website (

love, chicki




The Main Menu to help you navigate the App


Just Swipe to the left to see different categories of clothing.


Here are some of my creations


White Simplicity…

Hello Friends,

What an eventful weekend I’ve had so far!

On Saturday morning I had the pleasure of assisting a good friend in the revamp of her clothing line and website. I won’t get too much into it in this post, because I have so much to say, and I can’t wait to share it with you when the time is right!

In the afternoon I attended my niece’s sweet sixteen. While I was preparing my look for this event I knew that the occasion called for something elegant, yet simple, so I decide to wear a beautiful white midi dress with lace detail. The keyword for my look was simplicity.  Clean, defined details even down to the hair & accessories.

Overall this has been one of my favorite looks (that I’ve worn in a really long time for a special occasion) I felt very feminine and beautiful.

The night was filled with food, music and laughter, most of all I got to spend it with my hubby’s side of the family.

Nights like these are worth blogging about :)

love, chicki









Relaxed Neutrals

Hello Friends,

Neutrals have been in style for a little bit and i’m loving it, Relaxed looks as you all know are my favorite. So what did I end up doing just combining the two of course! A quick tip when trying this trend is to remember. If you’re a warm-toned skin color, you’ll look best in neutrals with a warm undertone, such as gold, cream and chocolate brown. And for my cool-toned skin girls, you’ll look best in neutrals with a cool undertone, such as crisp silver, white, gray and navy. So get out there and try it ladies you’ll thank me later.


Will you be trying Neutrals? Leave a comment below.

Love, chicki










Boho Vibes!

Hello Friends,

Welcome Spring! your finally here, Living here in Florida you technically never left. I still welcome you with open arms :)  Since the weather has been so gorgeous lately, I have been really gravitating toward airy light pieces. I’m such a big fan of having diversity in my closet. So I totally have been channeling a Boho vibe lately. For this spring I’m planning to keep my pieces fresh, fun, and a little out of the box. So getting dressed the other day I totally looked like I was on my way to Coachella, which made me chuckle. It’s on my bucket list so why not! a girl can dream in style of course.


What’s your spring Style this year?

Love, chicki









L… Is For The Way You Look At Me!

Hello friends,

I hope everyone’s Valentines Day was filled with love. The hubby and I had a very simple Valentines day this year and I wouldn’t have asked for more. The night had an extra chill in the air, so it was just fitting to stay cozy and made the evening even more magical.

Love, chicki












Black Entity

Hello Friends,

Have you ever noticed that owning pieces of clothing in the color black, makes your wardrobe feel chic? Even sexy depending on the item? Why is that? could it be because black is the universal color that matches with everything? or could it be just a safe color we all run too? Whatever the answer is, it’s a color that fits in everyone’s closet flawlessly regardless of gender. One of my all time fave looks to put together is an all black ensemble. I always feel so poised and confident. Even though putting on the same color may sound easy, it can be tricky. The trick with an all black outfit is making sure you don’t get washed out, Or even lost. So I always like to have a nice pattern or fun fabric that can be seen. Since I was off the other day (finally) I hit the town, I ran errands  AKA Shopping :). And I enjoyed this beautiful weather we’ve been having. All in all it was a successful day and I have the outfit to prove it.

How do you wear all black? Leave a comment below

Love, chicki











Love Me Because I’m Beautiful!

Hello Friends,

There is something so sleek and chic about a leather jacket! Knowing that they can be worn dressed up or down, every girl has that go-to look when they slip on that jacket that gets them out the door feeling confident and cute. My go-to leather look is usually a t-shirt and jeans, and preferably flats (since the weather was a bit cooler this past weekend). I had to bundle up a little, I traded my flats for boots :).  Staying with a Gray and Black color palette I felt comfy and stylish. The great part about my look is that it transitioned into the evening flawlessly as I went on a double date with my hubby and friends.

What’s your favorite way to wear a leather jacket? Leave a comment below

Love, chicki